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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Natalia Poklonskaya: Kiev lacks courage to admit plotting foiled sabotage in Crimea (10 August 2016)

Kiev lacks courage to admit plotting foiled sabotage in Crimea

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 19:58

Natalia Poklonskaya, the prosecutor general of the Crimea, said that the Ukrainian leadership had a history of being furtive in their aggressive actions and then distance themselves from the committed acts, reported by SPUTNIK. 

‘The cowardly stance of Ukrainian authorities prevents them from taking responsibility for being authors of the thwarted plot to commit acts of sabotage in Crimea,’ pointed out Natalia Poklonskaya, the Crimean Prosecutor General. 

On Wednesday, Russia's Federal Security Service said that it had eliminated a spy ring organized by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in the Crimea that was preparing acts of sabotage on critical and life-supporting elements of the peninsula's infrastructure; a FSB officer died during a shootout that ensued during the raid.

‘It all matches the current criminal face of the Ukrainian leadership. They revealed their nature from the very start when they came to power via a coup d'etat and now they affirm their cowardly position. They do not even have the courage to admit what they have committed,’ summed up Poklonskaya.

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Русский: Прокурор Крыма старший советник юстиции Наталья Владимировна Поклонская
English: Natalia Poklonskaya, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Crimea from 2014 onwards, at the expanded board meeting of the office of the Prosecutor General of Russia on 24 March 2015.

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