Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Would you take a weapon if someone enters your house with weapons?" - 'Estonian' volunteer in Donbass

"Would you take a weapon if someone enters your house with weapons?" - 'Estonian' volunteer in Donbass

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 13:22

On 30 November 2016, DONi Press team went on the positions of Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) army near Mikhaylovka, in the South of Gorlovka. A unit of Razvedka (reconnaissance unit) was on the positions and one of the soldiers accepted to give us an interview. His code name is “Estonian”, but he is from the Donetsk region.

For security reasons we can not show neither his face nor the position. But audio recording of the interview in Russian is available on SoundCloud.

Could you please tell me about the situation here?
"Here? Yes. Well, now they are quiet."

Really? No shellings?
"No, they (Ukrainians) carry out shellings, they do. In general, shellings take place every night."

Every night?
"Starting from 7 in the evening and till 5 in the morning."

But does it happen every night or?
"Every night. It happens like every night. When Dnepr-1 was deployed here, it happened both morning, day and night. Now I don’t know, the AFU must be deployed here, that is why it’s more quiet."

Are those the AFU or battalions like The Right Sector? 
"Most likely, those are the AFU-fighters stationed here. In daytime there are not more than 6 people at watch. Along the entire perimeter of trenches. And their trenches are at least 2 km long. There are six of them at most, and by the evening they are pulled together already. By 7 in the evening they make their way here."

How long have you been a volunteer already? 
"Since the very beginning, for the third year running."

And why did you become a volunteer?
"What is your name?"


"Christina, let's see, what will you do if someone enters into your house with weapons? If they start beating your mother, like they were beating mine till she fainted, would you take weapons?"

"My grandfather liberated Western Ukraine, he was crushing them with tanks, but, evidently, he lacked of time, some infiltrated. Who but me, a grandson of a Red Army soldier, a commander, an officer after all, who else can continue all this, carry through with his business? For fascists not to tread our land. For families not to suffer, for houses not to get destroyed, for children, women not to get killed."

"For three years, you know, I’ve got an eyeful of it both here, and in Lugansk. I’ve got an eyeful of all what these bastards are messing. What they were getting up to in Saur Mogila. What they were doing in Debaltsevo. I’ve seen enough of it. I can provide spine-chilling facts, but I’ll have mercy for your nerves. What a mess they’ve made in Saurovka village, in Debaltsevo. I can tell you a lot. It was totally atrocious in the airport. I participated in both the first, and the second assault of the airport. That is why I perfectly know what outrages they were committing on Stratonavtov Street, what a mess they made there."

"You know, I think that everyone holds value of his land, the place where he lives, where he was born, where his parents were brought up, where his ancestors were buried. Everyone feels pity. And all these destructions, all these outrages they commit, all these blatant excesses…"

"I don’t know how a human being should not take up arms, not kicking them out where they came from. There are just no other options. All their attempts to come to an agreement in Minsk are a pure nonsense. They cannot be brought to reason by words, they don’t give a damn about Minsk, just don’t give a damn."

"All these daily shellings of Yasinovataya, we observe them every night. And you know, these calibres are nowhere near 82mm. Here shoot both tanks and self-propelled artillery mounts which must have been withdrawn in accordance to the Minsk Agreements. And they shoot not from our side, but from theirs. This is what we have, just look at our positions. Can you see a tank anywhere here?"

"Right you are, here is none. Okay, to the right are stationed their mortars. They shell our guys from mortars daily. Sometimes we get hits as well, you may see it. Over there under the bench. It’s what we are “fed” with. Those things are a credit a dozen. Just under it. And, by the way, service marking. Here you are (in picture below), it is their service marking. You can see it. Of 86th. And such things hit us nearly each time. We have plenty of rocket anti-tank launchers’ end pieces and 30 by 165 calibre – surface to air missile system."

Interview by: Christelle Néant, DONi Press French

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