Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Monday, April 3, 2017


The revolutionary Ghost Brigade of Novorossiya.
Prizrak InterUnit suspends military activities in Donbass
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 18:18


International 'InterUnit' in the Lugansk People's Republic suspends its military actions. Since the summer of 2015 almost 30 international volunteer soldiers from 10 different countries have taken part in Donbass armed defense in the famous Prizrak Brigade. Information on suspending InterUnit was provided in the press release.

"Donbass Resistance is doing everything possible to implement the "Minsk II Agreement". We are not attacking the Ukrainian Army anymore. There are still daily clashes and people still die, but day after day the warlike activities are less. We are having a situation of “no war and no peace” that might go on for several years," said the InterUnit. 

The InterUnit believes that the conflict in Donbass is heading towards diplomatic solutions. "We don't want to impede the peace process because Donbass People still trust on it, and that's why we made our commitments."

"Donbass circumstances have developed. Prizrak itself is changing, it's not the time for popular militia and partisan war anymore: now a regular army has to be built. This is something different from our project and it's time to make a change also for InterUnit. We are a political-military group, a status that doesn't match well with regular army. We think that our effort now could be more useful in some other way."

"For all those reasons, InterUnit decided to suspend the military activities in Donbass," said the statement. "The InterUnit is not over, we will be ready to go back in action quickly, here or somewhere else in the world," it continues.

"This war is just a piece of the wide conflict that is burning all around the world. We are keeping on fighting for freedom, justice and peace and against fascism and exploitation. Onwards to victory!"

The InterUnit is a political-military group founded by internationalists in 2015 to support antifascist resistanse in Donbass, using the known historic slogan "No Pasaran!"

DONi News Agency

Men of Novorossia (Prizrak Brigade)
By Alexey Ivakin

Men of Novorossia (Prizrak Brigade)
By Alexey Ivakin

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