Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko gives a speech at Nearly 300 of first-year students of Donetsk Home Affairs Academy swore allegiance to the people of the Republic. (30 January 2016)

INTERNET SOURCE: https://dninews.com/article/dpr-head-received-over-1000-questions-straight-line-residents-kharkov-region

DPR Head received over 1,000 questions before straight line with residents of Kharkov region

Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 14:02

Appeals to the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko before his first ever online conference with one of the Ukrainian regions - the Kharkov region - are coming with good dynamics. The intensity of citizens participation has not decreased over the past two days, reported the technical support of the Donetsk news agency.

'For 48 hours of the work of our appeals collection system 1106 questions have been sent to the Head of the DPR. The dynamics of their coming remains stable. It is not only the Kharkov region (Kharkov and Izum) from where residents are sending their appeals, but also from other regions. In particular, it is Odessa, Kiev, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Vinnitsa, etc,' said a representative of the agency.

It should be reminded that it is possible to ask a question only once. There are no requirements to specify personal information. It is neither collected nor stored anywhere.

In the morning of April 20 on the site of the Donetsk News Agency there will be published first answers. The DPR Head will again connect to the straight line at 13:00 and, for an hour and a half, will answer questions in real time.

Previously Zakharchenko stated that an online conference is now the only opportunity to communicate with the residents of Ukraine. All other means are blocked by the authorities in Kiev.

DONi News Agency

20th of April, 2016. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.

During today’s live Q&A session with residents of Kharkov region, the DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko was asked about Igor Strelkov.

Question: Is Strelkov/Girkin a friend or an enemy? It is a simple question and I would like to receive a direct and simple answer. The answer will dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Alexander Zakharchenko: As Vladimir Vysotsky sang, “Not quite a friend, not quite an enemy, but just...”. It is impossible to give a “simple” answer to this question. Everyone, including Strelkov, played their role in the history of our struggle… It was an important but ambiguous role.

INTERNET SOURCE: https://dninews.com/article/direct-line-dpr-head-residents-kharkov-region-updated

Alexander Zakharchenko on his desk with his computer.

Direct line of DPR Head with residents of Kharkov region (updated)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 14:10

Zakharchenko: Dear Kharkov! Thank you that you were not afraid to ask questions and that your questions were essential and important for both you and us. Of course, I could not answer all the questions as there were several thousands of them. However, as the full version of our communication with you will stay on this page, I will try to answer other questions later. I also promise that, in the near future, I will hold another online conference with another region.


Hi, I have been living in Kharkov for 29 years! And for the last 3 years the level of my life and the life of my family has plummeted, it has become virtually impossible to earn money for living! I took part in the preservation of order in Kharkov in the spring of 2014, Kharkov spoke in the spring of 2014. I signed for the preservation of the Lenin monument! After all, I knew that such changes would bring a halt of production, and wage delays, and increase in prices! But, apparently, the Kiev authorities crushed the resistance! My question is whether the efforts of millions of Kharkov residents were in vain.

No, they were not in vain! The fact that the Kharkov residents came to protest and fought as best as they could, let Kharkov preserve its honour! And the memory of this must support you today. With regard to the deterioration of living standards, there is nothing else to be expected until oligarchs are in power, especially when they are under external management. Where are your president’s accounts? In the West? So why be surprised that he complies with all instructions of the US and the IMF? We here have rejected such authorities and are building a Republic, a People’s Republic, in which the main objective is the welfare and well-being of citizens. And we are doing this this despite the war and the economic blockade from Kiev.

Try to ask yourself a question. Everyone says that the economic condition of Donbass has deteriorated. Everyone also says that the economic situation of Ukraine has worsened. What is the difference? We have a war, destruction and the economic blockade. What about Ukraine? Why is their economics "falling" and people are getting poorer? We here are using all forces and spending every penny on keeping the tariffs on the pre-war level. We are carrying out special market events to bring down the prices of basic foodstuffs. What are they doing in Ukraine? Draw conclusions yourselves and make decisions about your future and the future of your children.


In Izyum, we have complete chaos. They are demolishing monuments, changing names of street, the junta is robbing us. Dear Alexander, are you planning to attach the Kharkov region to the DPR?And if you are, then when. And please, do not delay it, if you can. I am an artillerist of reactive battalion, I will help you with whatever I can.

I have already said that we will not attach the Kharkov region, or any other. It should be a choice of Kharkov residents themselves. But if things are so bad in your region, you have to look for ways of resistance. Do not give up!


Good day and thank you and all those who are heroically defending their right to a normal life. As I understand it, one of the main issues is not only fighting, but also solving issues of the life support of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions apart from the central government. What do you think is the level of self-sufficiency the DPR and LPR have already reached? About Kharkov, where to get new managing personnel, if people are seriously disappointed in today's "patriots" and those who are behind Kernes and Dobkin?

We are quite far from the full self-sufficiency yet, for obvious reasons. However, Kiev has nothing to do with it. Kiev only harms us. Today, we are largely dependent on the assistance of the Russian Federation. This applies to humanitarian aid, and issues of economic cooperation, and cultural cooperation. Many of the materials and products have never been produced in Donbass, so the help of the RF is invaluable. However, our self-sufficiency is increasing. We are stepping up production capacity, expanding the range of goods produced on the territory of the DPR. A year ago, almost everything was in deficit; today, this list has become quite short.  

With regard to Kharkov and lack of personnel, you can learn from us. After the outbreak of the war thousand people fled from Donbass, and they were mostly government officials, businessmen and managers. We found personnel among the people, and this policy has paid off. Yes, not everyone was good at it, many needed time to learn. But over time, the situation began to stabilise. So, I'm sure that the residents of the Kharkov region will find the talented people among those who care about the fate of their homeland. Well, we can share the personnel, of course; we are not strangers, after all.

A celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day took place at the Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after A. Solovyanenko. The event was attended by the DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, and the DPR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov.

“This is a holiday which we inherited from our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. This day symbolizes courage, bravery and fortitude. We have a hard lot; we need to raise the banner carried by our fathers. Dear compatriots, I congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day,” – Alexander Zakharchenko said.

I want to be the leader of the DPR. How to do it?

It is very simple. You need to obtain the citizenship of the DPR and earn the trust of residents, so that they vote for you at the elections. We do not invent anything new here.


Alexander, do you realise that, for the people of Ukraine, you and your comrades are collaborators and that you all will answer for the suffering of millions of people?

I cannot agree with you. Let’s first clear the terminology. "Collaborators" are people who cooperate with the occupying power, aren’t they? We have no occupants in Donbass; we are on our own land and we are fighting for our homes against those who have come to us from other territories with weapons in their hands in order to kill us. Therefore, the occupants are those Ukrainian soldiers who are now occupying the parts of the former Donetsk region, uncontrolled by the DPR; who are terrorising - murdering and throwing into prison - those of our countrymen who participated in the organisation of the referendum of May 11, 2014, the most 
democratic procedures of those invented by the European civilisation.

Accordingly, we can consider as collaborators those who cooperates with the Kiev regime on our occupied territories.

We do not call these people collaborators, by the way. Everyone has made his choice, and, after we regain control over the occupied territories, they will be able to leave in peace or stay. Although they may be limited in their rights for some time (for example, they will not be allowed to work in the civil service, etc.).

Please tell us, what, in fact, is going on in the DPR, in all spheres of life. In the media there is no information at all, only a total lie. And the picture in the Internet is incomplete. Thank you.

I can talk about it all day, and the time of our on-line conference is limited. So I can offer you nothing better yet than the Internet. By the way, in the Internet you can find a lot of videos made about our life by the Donetsk channels the 1st National, the Union, the Oplot, the Novorossia TV, as well as by Russian ones. There are materials about both the war and the peaceful life. About agriculture, and education and medicine, and industrial enterprises, and about the environment. And, most importantly, stories about the people, our heroic people.


Former Antimaidan supporter: Do you understand that the mentality of calculative Kharkov residents is fundamentally different from that of rustic Donbass residents? And that after two years of the ATO you have lost the remnants of support in the city, even among former Antimaidan supporters? As the saying goes, charity begins with yourself, and none of us wants to lose a house, an apartment, freedom, health and life. I am a hundred percent sure that you have to give up on Kharkov. You are certain not to find mass support in the city.

Firstly, I'm sure you're wrong. Maybe, because you are ashamed of having betrayed your ideals, you are trying to say that all the others have done the same. This is not true.

Secondly, what do you mean that we have to give up on Kharkov? The main thing is for Kharkov and its residents not to give up themselves, as, apparently, you, "the former Antimaidan supporter”, have done.


Why among the commanders of the DPR, it is primarily ideological supporters of Novorossia who are killed, and are there any results of the investigation of their deaths?

In the Donetsk People's Republic the commanders die on the battlefield. They were all patriots of Donbass. We are carrying out an investigation of their deaths by tracking down the 

Ukrainian commanders who gave the criminal orders to open fire and the soldiers who executed these criminal orders. All these war crimes will, sooner or later, end with a trial for war criminals, accomplices of the illegal regime in Kiev.

A question from Andrew Melnikov, an employee of the administration of the People's Council of the DPR, asked in the studio.

Kharkov military, ex-military and their families are interested in the matter of business activity, a job and matters with personal documents. They have problems due to the fact that they do not have a local registration. Is it possible to create a representative body within the authorities of the DPR or territorial fraternities to solve such issues?

Regarding entrepreneurial activities by military personnel, the document which creates all these difficulties is a military ID. Here, any Kharkov citizen can get a job and to do business. You are required to obtain the passport and this document will provide you with all the civil rights in full. With regard to territorial fraternities, I am totally for it! However, it is better be not territorial fraternities, but a representative office of the Kharkov region. I believe that it is not only Kharkov, but also Odessa citizens who are fighting with us. We need to create fraternities of Odessa, and Dnepropetrovsk, and Zaporozhye, and Kiev. We have people from all these regions. If need be, I will always provide them with any assistance.


Can a resident of the Kharkov region and other regions of Ukraine obtain the DPR passport?

To obtain it, you need to move to the DPR, get registered on the territory of the Republic and apply to the local Migration Service. You should understand that the passport of a citizen of the DPR is not a little flag on a table or a pennant. It is a matter of responsibility. With all the attendant rights and responsibilities.


The DPR did not actually participate in the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2014. Given that today the international community (as well as the Republic itself) do not deny the DPR belonging to Ukraine, do you intend to challenge the legality of the election results?

I have repeatedly said that the election of Poroshenko was flawed from the perspective of law and democratic procedures. Not only did just a part of the territory claimed by Kiev take part in the elections, but they were also held against the background of an incredible political terror, when candidates were beaten and threatened with death. Against this background, our referendum and elections in 2014 were much more democratic, and the turnout was extremely high, even for the pre-war Ukraine. Do we need to challenge the legality of the election of Poroshenko on this basis? I think in the near future this will not be necessary, because I do not believe in long life of Poroshenko as president. To sue them? Let the Ukrainian people sue them, it's their trouble.


Explain what kind of state you are building? Why is it "People's"? Where are your famous oligarchs?

We have two negative example and a huge amount of positive ones in front of us. The negative examples, it is Ukraine, as it was BEFORE the coup d'état and, especially, as it became AFTER the coup and the Bandera supporters and neo-Nazis coming to power. Russia stands out among the positive examples.

We are building a state whose main task is well-being, both material and spiritual, of the people. That's why we are called the "People's Republic". To achieve results, we need to eliminate the two main evils that corroded and continue to erode the Ukrainian government, namely oligarchy and corruption associated with it. These vices are so ingrained in the very fabric of the state, that it is difficult to uproot them . But we're not going to give up.
And here is the main, positive task. We are building a state for which the citizen is the alpha and omega in deeds, not in words. Here is a simple example.  We are spending any saved penny on increasing the standard of living of our population. We are holding the tariffs at the pre-war level. We are bringing down, by economic means, the prices of food and basic consumer goods. All the work of the economic block of our government aims at increasing pensions, benefits, scholarships, salaries. This is our priority. And we already have some results. It is in Ukraine that the World Bank records an increase in the level of poverty, that is a negative trend. We have a positive dynamics. Of course, in conditions of war and economic blockade, it is difficult, but we're working on it.


Do you believe in God?

Yes I do. In my opinion, to believe in God is a natural state of man. As for details, it is a personal question, and I do not think we should dwell on this.


What is your attitude to the Kiev authorities? What are their prospects?

This regime is the result of a coup d'etat, therefore, in particular, it rests on the violence (political terror) and a lie. What can the attitude to such a regime be? Does it have a future? Of course, it has. The question is what kind of future. The most evil regime, as well as a human, has an opportunity to become even worse and angrier. This is also the future. But this is the future which I do not wish to the people of Ukraine. I think that the Ukrainian people have already paid a heavy price for having let the coup happen and the Bandera supporters and neo-Nazis come to power.

There is another variant of the future. It's if more or less healthy forces in the current government begin systematic work to rid the country of neo-Nazis and criminals and start conversing the state to return it to the path of civilized development. Is such an option possible? Of course. But it requires a few conditions. And above all, it requires the people's will, expressed clearly and loudly. So it depends on you and on the residents of other regions of Ukraine.

Alexander Zakharchenko being escorted with his bodyguards from the Oplot Battalion.

Why did this war start and why is it continuing?

It is not us who started this war, it is the usurpers of power in Kiev. They started the ATO. We held a peaceful referendum, the most democratic event, and they responded to it with tanks and "Grad".
The war is continuing because Kiev is not capable of a political settlement. The reason for it is the permanent political crisis. In these circumstances, the possibility of an escalation of the armed conflict in Donbass is an opportunity for them to prolong their being in power. We are ready for a political settlement on the basis of a direct dialogue and the mutual recognition of each other's rights.


What good can the Minsk Agreements do? In particular, for Ukraine?

The Minsk Agreements: firstly, it is a ceasefire and, therefore, saving lives of both the military and civilians of Donbass. Secondly, the "Minsk-2"  is our diplomatic victory comparable with the victory near Debaltsevo. We forced Kiev to sign the political part of the package of measures which will lead to the degeneration of the power in Kiev. Thirdly, the Minsk agreements is an  example for the regions of Ukraine. It is written in them that you may require from Kiev. And it can be done by political means. If you do so, our sacrifices will be double justified.
I am not saying that we did it for you. No, we started to fight for the sake of ourselves, our parents and our children. But one of the natural consequences of our struggle is the potential possibility for you and the residents of other regions to present your own bill to the usurpers of power in Kiev.


Svetlana Nastasyeva, The Ukrainian National News (UNN): How do you feel about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Poroshenko, supported the introduction of an armed OSCE police mission in Donbass?

Let's start with the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not say anything about the introduction of an armed OSCE police mission in Donbass. It is usual misinterpreting. Putin spoke about providing  the OSCE observers with small arms. The idea is only to strengthen the security of the OSCE personnel, not to change or expand their mandate.

Accordingly, I am against the expansion or change of the OSCE mandate in Donbass, but I have nothing against increasing the safety of the OSCE personnel. However, in my opinion, it was easier to contact us, and we would have ensured the safety of their employees.

But I know someone who will take increasing the security of the OSCE personnel with great enthusiasm, if it leads to an improvement in their work. It is our people living on the front-line territories. They know that if they have  the OSCE mission as "guests", the Ukrainian military do not shell our territory. As soon as the OSCE employees leave, the shelling resumes.

DONi News Agency

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