Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Sunday, April 3, 2016


"The good workers at the factory should be given clubs so they can beat the hell out of those Jews."
- Joseph Stalin

Stalin on The Doctors’ Plot
            I will post information about the last crime of Joseph Stalin AKA The Doctors’ Plot from Wikipedia and other links. 

“The Jews are not a nation!” – Joseph Stalin
The Doctors' plot (Russian: дело врачей [delo vrachey, "doctors' affair"], врачи-вредители [vrachi-vreditely, "doctors-saboteurs"], or врачи-убийцы [vrachi-ubiytsy "doctors-killers"]) is considered to be the most dramatic anti-Jewish episode in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin's regime. In 1952–53, a group of prominent Moscow doctors (predominantly Jews) was accused of conspiring to assassinate Soviet leaders. This was later accompanied by publications of anti-Semitic character in the media, which talked about the threats of Zionism and condemned people with Jewish names. Many doctors, officials and others, both Jews and non-Jews, were promptly dismissed from their jobs and arrested. A few weeks after the death of Stalin, the new Soviet leadership stated a lack of evidence and the case was dropped. Soon after, the case was declared to have been fabricated.



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