Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


More than 50 thousand Donbass residents pay last respect to DPR Hero Motorola in Donetsk

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 14:57

More than 50, 000 people gathered in central Donetsk to pay last respect to the DPR Hero, Arsen Pavlov best known under his call sign Motorola, who was killed on October 16.

The farewell ceremony started at around 10 a.m. local time in the premises of Donetsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the coffin placed in the hall. DPR The DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko and acting Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova paid their last tribute before the lceremony.

Police closed traffic on the city central Artyom street to allow the queue of people to say farewell to the hero.

“The tragedy united people. If Kiev wanted to break us down, they failed. People come together, the flow of people who have come today proves it,” said the Vice-Commander of the DPR Operations Command Eduard Basurin speaking at the ceremony.

The funeral procession in memory of the killed Hero of the DPR, the colonel of the Republican Armed forces Arsen Pavlov has finished in Donetsk. The column consisting of thousands of people has stretched out for several kilometers.

The correspondents estimate around 50 thousand people gathered today to pay last tribute to the hero filling the central square and adjoining streets.

The coffin was moved from Donbass Opera premises as public chanted “May the Hero memory last forever”, and carried along the central Artem street with orchestra playing.

"Today we say goodbye to our friend, the fellow soldier, one of the most charismatic commanders, to Arsen Pavlov. Tens of thousands of the DPR residents from all cities and villages of our country have come to pay respect to the DPR Hero. The death of the commander under a call sign “Motorola” has become our collective sorrow," the Vice-Commander of the DPR Operative Command Eduard Basurin said.

The column was headed by the fighters of the DPR Armed forces with Pavlov's portrait, his awards and an orthodox cross in their hands. They were followed by a truck, the coffin with a body was placed on a gun carriage.

DONi News Agency

The farewell ceremony continues outside: a gun carriage with the coffin is moving to a cemetery site.

A mourning service for Colonel Arsen Pavlov (#Motorola) begins in Donbass Opera, Donetsk, thousands are gathering to pay tribute to the hero.
#ArsenPavlov and his bodyguard were assassinated on October, 16th, in the blast of an explosive device planted in the hallway of the block of flats in central #Donetsk where he lived. Investigation is led by the #DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security. A three day mourning was announced on October 17th.


[Eng Subs] Thousands attend Commander Motorola's Funeral, DPR, 10/19
Published on Oct 19, 2016
October 19, 2016 thousands attended the Funeral held for Arsen Pavlov "Motorola", the Commander of Sparta Battalion, attended by his Comrades and President Alexander Zakharchenko, a close friend of Motorola, whom has promised, among others such as Givi and other Spartan's, to take care of Motorola's family. Arsen Pavlov has a wife, a 2 week old daughter, and a 2 year old son. He was assassinated on the night of October 16 when coming home by an IED going off in the elevator of his apartment complex. 1 other person was injured from the blast.

- Details & Analysis of Motorola's Assassination: https://youtu.be/HZw1LYjACyE

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