Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Monday, October 24, 2016


Here are some videos of interviews with women who served in the NAF:


Donbass women fight against Ukraine's invasion for their children & motherland
Published on Jun 26, 2015
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Novorossia women - stories of antifascist militia girls. What brought them into antifascist resisance, what gives them strength, what inspires them in this horrors of war?
In April 2014, US-backed Kiev government began military operation against independence supporters in Donbas, who, after people's referendum according to Art. 1 of UN Charter, refused to recognize legitimacy of the new fascistic Ukraininan government that came to power after a February coup. According to the UN, the confrontation has claimed lives of about 4,000 Donbass civilians and dozens of thousands Ukrainian soldiers. Due to the Ukrainian aggression, Donbas regions are dealing with a severe humanitarian catastrophe, with many citizens struggling without clean water, electricity and other essentials. Citizens of Ukraine protest against illegal mobilisation, about 1.3 mio men have fled to Russia



Interview with female militia member: "why I took up arms and what I fight for" [EoT TV DPR, 394th]
Published on Mar 27, 2015
The independent special operations "Khan" battalion played a decisive part in capturing and holding Logvinovo, a key locality of the Debaltsevo pocket. The capture of this location completed the encirclement of the punitive forces and isolated them in the pocket. Following the fighting in Logvinovo, on the former battlefield, "Dawn" militia member tells why she took up arms and what does she fight for.

"Essence of Time - Donetsk People's Republic" Television, 394th issue, 10.3.2015.
Link to original (in Russian): https://youtu.be/LulluUNZiWI

Essence of Time movement website: http://eot.su
Help for the South-East of Ukraine movement's website: http://vognebroda.net
Essence of time group in VK: http://vk.com/eotsu
Humanitarian aid for Donbass (Rostov-on-Don): https://vk.com/svhelpdonbass
Anti-Misinformation - Civil Resistance: http://vk.com/vognebrodanet

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Novorossian Infantry’s Exercises (Great Photo-Report)

Servicemen of the DPR and LPR forces have been taking part in numerous exercises and running in new equipment.
Photos by Dan Levy:

Interview With A Militia-Woman Of Donetsk People's Republic
Published on Oct 1, 2014
- Why did you decide to join the army and fight?
- I think that women with family or children should stay at home.



Margarita Maimur, Irina Zarubina and Dasha Savich (from left to right), fighters of the Sparta battalion of Russian-backed militants, patrolling Donetsk.


Heroes of Novorossia! Interview with Female Fighter Kira. Ukraine
Published on Feb 12, 2015
Heroes of Novorossia! Interview with Female Fighter Kira. Latest Hot News from Ukraine, New Russia (Donetsk DPR, Lugansk LPR), Crimea!
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Heroes of Novorossia! Interview with Female Fighter Kira.
Heroes of Novorossia! Interview with Female Fighter Kira.


Our greetings on Defenders Day to all patriots around the world: "DONBASS HOLDS!"

Women of Novorossiya: Nurses, cooks, soldiers, doctors [ENG subs]


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