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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alexander Zakharchenko about ideology: "Why do we fight?"

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko about ideology: "Why do we fight?"

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 11:51

The formulation of the ideology is a vital necessity today. When the fighting broke out, the reason why we rose was the denial of nationalism, Bandera ideology, and fascism. And now we are building a state, and we must understand what we are fighting and striving for. The ideology problem did not arise at this particular time. I feel it is urgently needed.

A country cannot develop without ideology. And I want our society to take part in creating the ideology. That's why I decided to consult with students as well.

Why do we fight, what do we want to see next, what kind of future do we create? These are the questions that everyone should ask himself in his heart. And they have to articulate for themselves an idea, that helps to fight.

Before meeting with the students of course, I had a plan based on the ideas of liberty, conscience, justice, equality. These are the things that I have now in my heart, and I think that the majority of our citizens are of the same view.


The first letters of these words – liberty (Svoboda), conscience (Sovest'), justice (Spravedlivost'), equality (Ravenstvo) remind us of our country – the USSR (SSSR).

And it is not a coincidence. The Soviet Union - is a country where we grew up, where we lived, where most of us were happy. There were a lot of good things. It was a persistence of the Russian Empire and a remarkable time of our history. This is the love to Motherland, respect for the army, education, care for the elderly and children. We shouldn't forget the good things that we had in the Soviet Union. Maybe there were many bad things, but the “Soviets”, as a mode of governance, is still relevant today.

The Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko gives a speech at Nearly 300 of first-year students of Donetsk Home Affairs Academy swore allegiance to the people of the Republic. (30 January 2016)
I think we have to take the good things. This is a free medicine, free education - the best in the world. The USA and Europe were using our methods and then formed their teaching methodology based on our experience. We should remember this.

But every single citizen should understand what the ideas of liberty, conscience, justice, equality are.

Does everyone know what conscience is? Conscience - this is what we were striving for. Since the dawn of time the Russians have been living according to conscience. And all the laws that we will adopt, should comply with the conscience.

We have a unique situation; we are building a new state. And we cannot lose the opportunity to build a state on the principle of " to live according to the conscience."

We need to build a country, to be free, fair, equal. And to live according to the conscience!

The Head of Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko

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