Flag of Novorossiya

Flag of Novorossiya

Monday, June 27, 2016


Serb ultranationalist leader Vojislav Seselj holds a burning European Union flag in front of the High Court building in Belgrade, March 10, 2016.

Brexit’s aftershock

Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 15:20

Over the night the former US Ambassador to the Russian Federation has recognised the weakening of Europe and the strengthening of Russia and financier George Soros said that the disintegration of the EU was ‘practically irreversible’.

Finland has begun collecting signatures for a referendum to leave the EU, people in London and Scotland are reflecting on independence from Britain, and in Iceland, a history professor has claimed victory in the presidential election.

The world continues to discuss the results of the referendum held in the UK on June 23. In particular, the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said that the kingdom's residents’ decision to leave the EU was disadvantageous for the US. According to the diplomat, the British plebiscite has proved that Europe is weakening, and Russia and its allies are gaining ground.

The American financier and billionaire George Soros has admitted that the collapse of the European Union ‘is almost irreversible’.

The head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexey Pushkov has already commented on the refusal of French President Francois Hollande to hold in the country a referendum similar to the British one. The politician pointed out that such a reaction was a confirmation of his words that the European states would now be afraid of the people's votes.

Meanwhile, Finland has begun collecting signatures for a referendum on leaving the European Union. At the same time, the petition demanding to declare independence of London from Great Britain has collected more than 150 thousand signatures; thus, a collective petition has reached the required number of votes to be sent to the Mayor of the city.

The referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU has pushed the residents of Scotland to independence. The survey showed that, at the second referendum, almost 60% of Scots would vote in favour of their region leaving the United Kingdom.

In Iceland history professor Gudni Johannesson has claimed victory in the presidential elections which were held in the country on June 25. In the US, on the other hand, President Barack Obama has announced several regions of West Virginia a natural disaster area.

DONi News Agency

Vladan Glisic, a leader of the Dveri party (Serbian): "He will never be my friend [Tony Blair] and whoever's his friend is my enemy."

Around 2,000 people gathered in front of the Serbian government in Belgrade, Saturday March 21, 2015 to protest against the 'pro-EU' government hiring Tony Blair as a political adviser while signing deals with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/

The protesters, led by the party of Dveri (Door Party), demand closer economic ties with Russia instead of the EU. Protesters held pictures of Vladimir Putin and chanted "Serbia, Russia, we don't need EU," and trampled on a cardboard effigy Tony Blair.

After the gathering in front of the government building, the protesters marched to the Serbian Broadcasting Company demanding an end to 'censorship' of opposition parties.

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